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Matthew D. Baker

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Artist's Statement

After many years Matt Baker has returned to his first love - painting. Recently retired from the aerospace industry, his focus returns to the fine arts.

A chance introduction to The Yellow Barn’s Open Studio, along with subsequent classes and workshops, he has expanded his subjects in Plein Air and figurative painting. He finds interest in many daily aspects of life, especially if culture or history is involved. His approach is to employ an eclectic range of styles that fit the mood of his subjects.

He is actively involved with several community art associations and competitions. Besides local shows and commissions, his work hangs in private collections from Boston, MA to Myogi, Japan. Matt’s main goals are to develop a style that is unique, interesting to the viewer and to enjoy many rewarding hours of painting.

Recent Exhibitions:
He is active in several art associations in the Northwest Montgomery County area and enjoys expanding his awareness of the many variations of art.

GFAA Kentlands Mansion Show – Juried, 1st Place - Oil, 2016
FPAA Yellow Barn Exhibition – Curated, 2015
Kentlands Mansion Sacred Places Show – Invited, 2015
ALOG Members Spring and Fall Shows 2014, 2015, 2016
GFAA Gaithersburg Floral Show 2015
GFAA Kentlands Mansion Show – Juried, Honorable Mention, 2015
GFAA Kentlands Mansion Show – Juried, 2013, 2014
Yellow Barn Members’ Show – Juried, 2013
Myogi, Japan – Juried, Honorable Mention, 2013

Unless noted, all paintings are for sale. Contact Matt at swingsft@comcast.net for prices.

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Lavender & Pastel A_Patch_of_Blue Hanami_at_Ground_Zero
Kiperoo_Sheep Oriental_Spring Ready for Spring
Shirakawa_Bridge Studio Study,_Catlin Hazy Daze - Brunswick Station 14x11
Pearrie Road Looking West 16x12 Landers Road Lockhouse 16x12 Wajima Rice Paddies 9x12
Reclining Nude 12x16 Falls Approach'n Myogi Sunrise 30x40 - web, Exhibited in Japan
Maria in Chair 20x16 West of Sugarloaf 12x16 A beer with the Buoys 16x12
Bealsville Garage 16x20 Great Falls - Virginia Side 12x9 Kauai Hideaway 12x16
Manana Island 16 x12 Mariner's View 12x9 Moheagan Light 12x12
Morning Light, Ocean House 12x9 Now where's That Boy 18x14 Pap and His Brothers 18x14
Port Clyde at Dusk 9 x12 Pot Vendor 12x16 Potomac Pasture 9x12
Rustic Barns 7.5 x 10 WaitingFor Parts  18x14

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