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Recent Work by Sara H. Becker

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I was born and raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and currently reside in upper Montgomery County, Maryland. I paint primarily in the medium of oil or acrylic because I enjoy the vibrant colors that can be mixed to achieve dynamic impact. In recent years, after leaving the corporate life, there has been more time to focus creative energies. In this subsequent phase of life the discovery of a new way of seeing the world around me has opened up a whole new appreciation and feeling of awe for the gifts of nature. Always a student of art, continuing education has focused on drawing, design, painting and art history. Activities in the local visual arts community include participation in many art exhibitions, paint-outs and workshops and have resulted in awards in many judged shows. I earned the Specialized Art Certificate in Painting from Montgomery College.

Painting from still-life’s, doing miniatures and portraits or en plein-air is all of great interest. This area of the country is rich with creative inspiration for the plein air artist. We have grand scale vistas of rolling hills and mountains, ocean side beaches, farming country, historical sites and many other wonderful places. Taking the time to appreciate the world around me has lead to the discovery of enhanced observation skills that allow for the deep immersion needed to capture and compose beautiful images. The studied object reveals qualities that would never be appreciated in a casual glance. The challenge of portraying what is observed in terms of color, form and value is an undertaking that holds much excitement in the promise of a well-executed composition that conveys the feeling intended for the viewer to experience.

Active memberships of local art groups include: Montgomery Art Association, Olney Art Association, Friends of the Yellow Barn, Montgomery County Plein-Air Artists, and Garrett Arts of Garrett County, Maryland. My artwork is on exhibit at the MAA Gallery in Wheaton Mall, Wheaton Maryland, at the Gallery Shop in Oakland, Maryland.

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Ascent to the Ethereal Tango Tangle Decent into Unknown
Subjective Force Space Terrain Ode to Kandinsky
Rastafarian High Overhead Where No Man Has Gone
Koyaaniskatsi #1 Favorite Drinks Rough Terraine
Fire and Ice Swirled Ink'd
1.	Jazzy Sax 2.	Dogwood Harbor Boats, Tilghman 3.	Great Falls Maryland
4.	After the Bath 7.	Blackwalnut Cove, Tilghman 11.	White Crane on the Potomac
15.	Red & Green Wine Bottles

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